philosophy paper part 4

philosophy paper part 4 - Is there a singular true God Part...

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Is there a singular true God? Part Four By examining the books we have read, Blaise Pascal’s essay, and my personal experiences, I’ve come to new conclusions and understandings of the way I view religion over the course of this year. I have been trying to find what I believe for most of my life because I was not born into a set of beliefs. I’ve concluded that there is no singular true God, but instead billions of interpretations of the same higher power. I realize my philosophy is idealistic, to say the least. Believing that all people who believe in something beyond themselves will somehow be rewarded in the afterlife contradicts most religions. It is, quite understandably, a rare belief in the religious world. This idea strips organized religion of its power by allowing every person to have control over their fate, without the help of religious leaders or the Church. But having one’s own interpretation of religion and participating in organized religion are not mutually exclusive. Everyone has their own interpretation of religion, even those of the same religion. It would be difficult to find two Christians who interpret every verse of the Bible the same way, because interpretations are based upon life experiences. Religion plays a different role in everyone’s life, and I think the belief in a higher power in general is enough to please God. I have to ask, would I be as sure about my religion if my family had been born in India? So many religions exist, the odds of mine being the “correct” one are unlikely. But I believe there is no correct religion, only a need for spirituality filled by different means. I had thought this for a long time, but it wasn’t until I read Life of Pi that I was able to articulate this belief. I had never heard of the possibility of more than one religion being true before I read that book. Any time I had previously read about religion, I felt the author had an
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agenda for promoting his own religion. Certainly Martel may be promoting his own agenda, but he does not promote any singular religion. When I saw that Pi believed in three religions, it allowed me to examine my own beliefs on the topic instead of ignoring them. I realized that the major religions are very similar in their most basic forms. Their messages consist of love, compassion for others, and kindness. The details are different, but there must be a reason all religions are made up of the same basic components. I believe that it is because the different Gods of the major religions may all be wrong or may all be correct; but there is not only one that is true. There is a higher power that governs us all, but one of a greatness that we cannot grasp. Whether one true God exists leads me to the question of God’s purpose in our daily lives.
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philosophy paper part 4 - Is there a singular true God Part...

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