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finals multi textual essay - Period 6 January 24, 2008 Part...

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January 24, 2008 Part Two: The Loss of Culture due to Shifts in Power The novels Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare depict the impact of shifts in power. Roy portrays the Indian city of Myanmar at the end of British colonization; Achebe shows the effects of the beginning of colonization; while Shakespeare shows the shift in power from a respected leader whose focus is on his country to one whose focus lies elsewhere. The Igbo people fight to retain their culture, the Indians have the task of deciding the correct cocktail of Indian and British culture to comprise their society, and those in Denmark no longer have a focused leader, leading them ultimately to seizure by Norway. In these texts, internal weaknesses are the primary cause for each society’s shift in power. The government leaders of Denmark are consumed with inner power struggles that do not allow them to focus on the impending threat of Norway. Hamlet directs his focus to proving King Claudius murdered King Hamlet, while the King and Queen spend their time worrying about proving their innocence. In the beginning, it seems Claudius is aware of the threat of Norway, as the guards are on full-time watch and the country is preparing for war against Norway, “But to recover of us, by strong hand/And terms compulsatory, those foresaid lands/So by his father lost” (1.114-116). Horatio describes Norway’s desire to regain the lands Denmark has captured. But when Claudius is in danger of being discovered for his crime, he turns his focus to keeping Hamlet from speaking out. Hamlet also notes Claudius is a bad ruler in relation to the former king, “So excellent a king, that was to this/Hyperion to a satyr” (1.2.143-144). These internal weaknesses are unlike those that led to the demise of Igbo society in Things Fall
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finals multi textual essay - Period 6 January 24, 2008 Part...

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