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Junior English Evidence Chart Name: __________________________________________ My Thesis: Possible Pieces of Evidence Explanation of how this evidence supports your thesis. Determine whether this really supports your thesis or if it is a stretch. Rank Passage 1 “After this, the novel’s third phase, the account of Holden’s collapse, begins. It takes place on two planes: a conscious groping back towards childhood represented most strongly by his clandestine visit to Phoebe…Irresistibly at the unconscious level, he is drifting toward mental breakdown” (Way 37). Holden is attempting to retreat back into his childhood. He visits Phoebe, his sister who he views as perfect and representative of the innocence of childhood. He is certainly reverting back into childhood tendencies, because Holden remembers this stage as perfection. Holden at the same time is trying to behave mature. He does not like the transitional stage. He wants to have the responsibility of a child with the respect of an
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