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The Race As a runner, I have become accustomed to injuries. I understand that, although unfortunate, pain is inevitable and simply comes with the sport. In order to best perform, minor aches and pains must be tolerated. It is important to go into every race knowing it may be somewhat painful. However, at a cross-country meet, my leg began to fall asleep as I was running the race. This had never happened to me before, but I ignored it and continued running. After I finished the race, I asked my coaches about what it might be, but they were not sure. I was barely able to walk during the days after the meet because it kept feeling like my foot was falling asleep. After a visit to the doctor’s office, I learned that I had a rare leg injury that could only be cured by not running. Naturally, I was very upset by this news. I had made it a goal to compete and do well in every race that season, but this injury forced me to stop. Over the weeks after I found out about the injury, I continued to train by riding the bike and lifting weights. A few weeks later, another visit to my doctor told me I would be able to run again
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