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momentthatmademeproud - Over the summer she improved...

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A Moment that Made Me Proud My best friend Michelle has never felt like she was great at anything. She has always done all right in school and in her extracurricular activities, but never felt that she really stood out. When she joined the cross-country team this past summer, I was excited my best friend would be participating with me in something that I love. However, running was difficult for Michelle from the beginning. Although her brother had been on varsity cross-country and her dad ran marathons, she did not have much natural ability. On the third day of summer training, the team ran a timed mile. Michelle came in last, with the second to last girl finishing about a minute earlier. On the ride home from that practice, Michelle expressed her frustration with running and desire to give up. I understood how embarrassing it would feel to finish in last amount of time, but I told her that she would eventually improve. Although she wanted to give up, she continued to come to practice everyday.
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Unformatted text preview: Over the summer, she improved immensely by steadily running longer distances at faster paces. She rarely missed a practice and when she did she would make it up by running on her own. Although she struggled because she was not naturally as fast as many of the girls, she showed determination to improve. On the second day of the cross-country season, our coach told us who would be running in each of the races of our first meet. With over fifty girls on the team, there was a lot of competition to make the junior varsity and varsity teams, each of which were comprised of seven girls. The rest of the girls were put in an open race. After announcing the varsity girls, it was to my excitement that Michelle had been put on the junior varsity team. I thought back to when she had first started and came in last of the team. I was very proud that she had not been discouraged by her lack of natural ability and persisted until she became better than a lot of other girls....
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