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Generative Writing towards an Argument

Generative Writing towards an Argument - Period 5 January 5...

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Period 5 January 5, 2006 Generative Writing Towards an Argument In Fahrenheit 451 , the society’s chief desire is to achieve constant happiness. The people fill their lives with things that will supposedly offer them joy, primarily constant stimulation provided by television and earbuds. The characters use these different media to prevent themselves from engaging in any form of provocative thought. The society feels that independent thought is fruitless and can only lead to suffering that comes from self-examination. They do not understand why anyone would want to willingly engage in independent thought. Therefore, they shun thought in favor of the momentary joy that comes from the usage of electronic devices. Ironically, the thing they avoid so desperately in order to find happiness is the thing they need. In the society’s quest for happiness, they are willing to forgo the benefits of independent thought because of their fear of pain. They fail to realize the pain that comes from thought is necessary in order to
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