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Emilie Church STUDY GUIDE EXAM 1 PSYCH100 - Introduction to Psychology _____________________________________________________________ Module 1 and 3: History and Research Methods Outline of Major Terms and Considerations 1. Philosophical Historical Figures a. ???Hippocrates- Medical Model?… father of medicine b. Plato- knowledge is born with us. (brain heart guts) c. Aristotle- cardiac model (reasoning in heart) d. Claude Galen- e. Rene Descartes- fluids move through your body… mind and brain are separate to control movements f. John Lock- born with clean slate and you gain the knowledge. g. Charles Darwin- Natural Selection and survival of the fittest. 2. Physiological Historical Figures a. Franz Gall- different section of the brain for everything that you do. b. Luigi Galvani- Bioelectricity is responsible for movement. (frogs dance) c. Pierre Flourens- holism approach… any area of the brain can do what it wants… takes up % of brain 3. Early Scientific Approaches- a.Wilhelm Wundt- Hated People and made psych a unique branch of sciences. Edward Tichener- developed the theory of intro spectrum. Structuralism- analyzing the distinctive components or elements of the mind Introspection- Practice of structuralism by looking within. a. William James- First American Psychologist (how mental process work.) i. Functionalism - how mental and behavioral processes work. c. Psychological Paradigms- a. Behavioral Approach- observable approaches should be the focus of study i. John Watson- “little Albert” controversial experiment ii. B.F. Skinner- developed the operant condition. (consequences shape behavior)
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PSYCH100_Study_Guide_Exam_1_FALL07 - Emilie Church STUDY...

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