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World History Final Study Guide Geography (Match every term’s origin the map) Multiple Choice Know all terms well, reread old tests Chronology Know each event, explain long term effect of each event Analogies Make at least 10 analogies between units. Terms Matching Know the terms and know their significance Connecting Terms Study these: Unit Three-Exchange and Encounter Justinian-Body of Civil Law-Hagia Sophia Justinian was the emperor of Eastern Roman Empire, he reestablished the Roman Empire. He codified the vast amount of legal materials and made The Body of Civil Law. He also built the Hagia Sophia to show Byzantine faith in the spiritual world. Feudalism-manorialism-guilds Feudalism was a system where the aristocrats and nobles protected subjects in return for service. Feudalism relied on manorialism, an economic system where peasants gave up freedom to lords for use of land and protection. Guilds were associations of people w/common interests, they determined who could enter what trade and the procedures they had to follow to enter. Lay investiture-Magna Carta-Estates General The practice by which secular rulers chose nominees to church offices instead of lords choosing was lay investiture. The Magna Carta said that the relationship between kings
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Study Guide- Final - World History Final Study Guide...

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