Study Guide Unit 3 - Study Guide Unit 3 China Grand Canal...

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Study Guide Unit 3 China Grand Canal- Sui Yangi, emp. Of Sui, used forced labor to make. Linked Huang & Yangtze rivers, easier to ship things. Chang’an- One of greatest cities of world, temples, palaces. Tang dynasty Canton- City in China Marco Polo- Went to China from Europe, described all riches and beauty of China. Empress Wu- Empress obsessed w/power. Good ruler Printing- Invented woodblock printing. Temujin- Unified Mongol tribes; became Genghis Khan. Ruler loved fighting. Khanate- Several territories formerly united by Genghis Khan. Yuan Dynasty- Made by Khan’s son. Mongols better than Chinese. Trade along Silk Road better. Conquered Song. Another name for Mongol. Zhenghe- Led large voyages, which ruler Yongle allowed. Khubilai Khan- Ruler of Yuan Dyn. Ming Hongwu- Made the Ming dynasty. Good leader. Neo-Confucianism- Changed based on Buddhist Taoist ideas. Now explained nature of universe/humanity’s influence on it. Li Bo- Popular poet. Tang Era. Landscape painting- Mountains, water, balance. Mughals Zamindars- Local officials given plots of farmland for temp. use. Power in local gov’t. Akbar- Added to empire. Brought rule to most of subcontinent. Great Indian Dynasty. Accepted diversity, great ruler. Babur- Founder of Mughal dynasty. Shah Jahan- Leader who allowed Taj Mahal. Aurangzeb-
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Study Guide Unit 3 - Study Guide Unit 3 China Grand Canal...

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