chapter 13 outline - APUSH December 1, 2006 Chapter 13...

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APUSH Kaplan December 1, 2006 Chapter 13 Outline of pp. 360-374 I. Movement to the Far West A. Borderlands of the 1830s 1. Canada and Mexico sought after for expansionism by U.S. a. Webster-Ashburton Treaty- 1842- Solved fighting over territories by giving over half of disputed territory to U.S. 2. Shared Oregon territory with Britain 3. Spain granted Mexico independence, who opened free trade a. Mexico owned desired land, including California i. 30,000 Indians lived there, many were killed ii. Americans began to live in California and see its economic potential, sparks interest in area B. The Texas Revolution 1. Mexico encouraged American settlers in Texas, many came a. American settlers required to become Mexican citizens, free slaves, convert to Catholicism, source of friction b. Stephen Austin represented displeased colonists in Mexico City but was ignored-1833 c. 1835- Settlers revolted against Santa Anna, were victorious C. The Republic of Texas 1. Declared independence March 2, 1836 2. The Alamo- Rebels vs. Mexican troops- rebels fought to death
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chapter 13 outline - APUSH December 1, 2006 Chapter 13...

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