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APUSH Kaplan November 29, 2006 Chapter 12 Outline of pp. 345-350 - #5 I. From Abolitionists to Women’s Rights A. Women were active in the abolitionist crusade 1. More than half anti-slavery petitions sent to D.C. had women’s signatures 2. Women spoke publicly against slavery a. Sarah and Angelina Grimke- 2 sisters, forged link between blacks’ and women’s struggle, received criticism 3. 1840- Americans withdrew from first World’s Anti-Slavery Convention in London because women not allowed 4. Seneca Falls Convention- 1848- Organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton a. Issued Declaration of Sentiments demanding right to vote, freed from husbands, control of themselves II. Radical Ideas and Experiments A. Religions hoped for individual or social perfection 1. 1820s-1850s: Spiritualism- belief that one could communicate with the dead a. Belief held by secular humanists carrying on Enlightenment b. Attacked religious institutions and founded utopias 2. Utopian socialism- common ownership of land
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