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education paper - Period 8 Education in America The current...

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Period 8 May 22, 2006 Education in America The current public school system needs to be changed into a voucher system. The teacher ten-year needs to be eliminated. Teacher ten years also need to be eliminated in order to make the public education system in America the most efficient. I believe that the American public schools need complete restructuring in the form of the elimination of the current public school system, the teacher ten-year and teacher unions, and the implementation of a voucher system. The Libertarian party believes that the current educational system in the United States is in need of complete reform. They believe that the teachers and schools hold the power in determining what children who attend public schools learn and who they will learn from. Parents who cannot afford private education, which is the majority of families in America, hold very little power in making any decisions about the type of education their children receive. Libertarians want to give the ability to make decisions back to families, claiming that is the only way public education can fulfill its primary objective: to educate children in the best possible way. The schools are the only suppliers of education, meaning they have monopoly status. Families are consumers of public education and because there is only one supplier, they have no choice where their children attend school. Students are forced to attend the school that corresponds with their town. Public schools have no incentive to improve the service they offer students because that would increase their average total costs but not increase the amount of students who use public education because they are the only firm in the industry.
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This graph of a monopoly demonstrates the industry for the public education system. In a monopoly, the firm sets the price where marginal revenue equals marginal cost. This produces allocative inefficiencies, or a deadweight loss in the form of decreased achievement by students of public education. Libertarians believe school systems should instead use a voucher system, where the family is given a voucher redeemable at the school, public or private, of their choice.
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