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new deal thesis paragraph

new deal thesis paragraph - APUSH New Deal Thesis Paragraph...

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APUSH Kaplan April 13, 2007 New Deal Thesis Paragraph and Support To what extent did the New Deal change America? In the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal aimed to not only recover the country from the Great Depression in the short run, but to reform the country to prevent a future economic catastrophe. The New Deal was a combination of congressional acts addressing different facets of society that could be improved to spark the economy, many of which started larger reforms within society. The New Deal did not significantly help the country to recover from the Great Depression, but it did create government agencies that connected the government to the people. The New Deal changed America by creating a closer relationship between the government and the previously ignored average citizen, but it did not further the status of women and minority nonunionized laborers, who made up a large percentage of the workforce. Support:
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