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hofstadter docs 7 and 12 - APUSH April 4, 2007 Kaplan...

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APUSH Kaplan April 4, 2007 Hofstadter: Great Issues Part IV Documents # 7 and 12 Document 7 President Woodrow Wilson’s claim that a permanent peace within the world can only occur by using peaceful standards is realistic, but his idea that all of the nations in the world, no matter their size or power, could agree to equality among other nations is unrealistic. Wilson wanted to end the war and create a lasting peace through diplomacy, rather than one side winning. Wilson claimed that if there were a winner and a loser in the war, the loser would be forced to concede to the winner’s demands, making the loser bitter. He is realistic when he says that peace cannot last under these conditions because when one country holds resentment towards another, those hostilities will escalate to a new conflict. However, Wilson’s idea that all countries, no matter how large or small, must be given equal rights to the seas and all must be subjected to disarmaments is less realistic. Larger, more powerful countries feel they deserve more power and rights than
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hofstadter docs 7 and 12 - APUSH April 4, 2007 Kaplan...

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