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APUSH Kaplan April 11, 2007 Great Issues Part VI Documents #8 and 9 and Ch. 26 Reading Questions 1. Why can it be said that Herbert Hoover was the right man at the wrong time? As president, Herbert Hoover used similar economic policies as previous Republican presidents before him, such as Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Fundamentally, the Republicans, including Hoover, believed the American economic system was able to fix itself without much government intervention. If the government were to intervene, Republicans generally favored aiding big business. It was these policies that had allowed for the increase in prosperity during the Roaring Twenties. Calvin Coolidge was known for doing very little to interfere with economy, but the country was in an economic boom during the time he was president, meaning government intervention was largely unnecessary. Hoover continued those policies during his term as president, but the country was now in a full-scale depression. Hoover’s policies included not allowing
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