so what chapter 25 - APUSH Ch 25 Kaplan Themes Great social...

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APUSH Kaplan Ch. # 25 Themes: Great social upheaval- urbanization Tensions between urban and rural Americans Fervent Nationalism “So What” The 1920s were a time of rapid economic and urban growth as well as continued social change. As an increasing number of people moved to urban settings and new industries rapidly progressed, there was a large backlash from Americans who desired a more traditional set of values. During the 1920s, a larger number of Americans became wealthy than had ever before, but often at the expense of the traditional rural life and individualistic attitudes that had been characteristically American. At the same time, workers and minorities remained poor, rendering the era prosperous only for some and adding to the tensions between those who economically and socially benefited from the era and those who did not. Both urban and rural Americans felt strong nationalism at this time and were guided in their actions by what they felt was the correct path for America. Americans interested in social change began congregating in cities, while rural Americans generally stayed in the country. Urban dwellers made large lifestyle changes, including increases in materialism, organized crime, and spectator sports. African Americans experienced the Harlem Renaissance, whose underlying message was pride in blackness. Other ideas grew throughout the decade, such as the prominence of
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so what chapter 25 - APUSH Ch 25 Kaplan Themes Great social...

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