ch 33 outline - APUSH Kaplan May 1, 2007 Chapter 32: The...

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APUSH Kaplan May 1, 2007 Chapter 32: The Republican Resurgence Outline I. Regan in Power A. The Reagan Victory 1. Ronald Reagan and other conservatives took advantage of splits in the long- lasting liberal Democratic coalition 2. The failure of Carter's economic policies and America's weak image abroad were issues Reagan focused on during the 1980 campaign. 3. Reagan scored important points in a televised debate and captured 51 percent of the popular vote. 4. The Republicans made major gains in the congressional elections B. Cutting Spending and Taxes 1. Reagan supported supply-side economics, seeking to diminish the tax burden on the private sector and enhance investment-oriented growth. 2. Reduction of government spending would hopefully ease inflation. 3. Major congressional victories gave Reagan a 25 percent cut in personal income taxes over three years and significant reduction of domestic appropriations for social services. C. Limiting the Role of Government 1. Much deregulation of the economy and restriction of federal activities 2. Congress attempted to slow the rapid growth of Social Security benefits 3. Feminist groups and minorities found Reagan's policies disappointing as most of his appointees were white males. D. Reaganomics 1. The Reagan administration’s sweeping economic changes gave rise to conflicting economic expectations. 2. Reagan put his faith in supply-side economics—he believed tax relief for investors would spark quick business growth. E. Recession and Recovery 1. After a temporary recession in 1981-1982, the economy rebounded in 1983 with the help of the automobile industry, consumer spending, low inflation, and global decreases in energy and food. F.
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ch 33 outline - APUSH Kaplan May 1, 2007 Chapter 32: The...

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