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Saleh 1 Fahad Saleh Professor Miller Fixing Elections March 05, 2008 Candidate Briefing Memo Dear (Friend), I must admit that I am somewhat surprised at your interest in entering politics. It’s a difficult business to crack into, and you will have to become proficient in spin to succeed. Nonetheless, you will need to know the rules of the game, and I can help in that area with respect to campaign finance regulation. First, let me give you some background. The uproar for reform began with the spoils system in the 1800s. The spoil system featured the victor of elections awarding government positions to party supporters. This system meant that losing elections resulted in party supporters losing their jobs. As such, in order to both increase the likelihood of winning elections and also benefit its members through the spoils system, parties imposed a rule upon its beneficiaries requiring these people to “contribute a percentage of their salary to the parties” (Corrado 2005, 8). The money raised through this process would go to financing campaigns thus increasing the likelihood of the party winning elections which would then enable the party supporters to keep their government positions thanks to the spoils system. While a law passed in 1867 would outlaw these practices, that law turned out to be ineffectual much like most campaign finance reform efforts.
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Saleh 2 The next big turn in campaign finance came with the work of Mark Hanna, a Republican Party boss. Hanna formally asked corporations to “pay according to [their] stake in the general prosperity of the country and according to [their] special interest in a region in which a large amount of expensive canvassing had to be done” (Corrado 2005,
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candidate memo - Saleh 1 Fahad Saleh Professor Miller...

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