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Alexander Hamilton - Fahad Saleh Alexander Hamilton...

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Fahad Saleh Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies on January 11, 1755 (“Alexander Hamilton”). He attended King’s College (now known as Columbia University) and received training to practice law (Ball xxxix). Although most well-known for his literary and ideological achievements, Hamilton did have a military career which involved him “rising to the rank of colonel” under General George Washington (xxxix). Hamilton originally joined Washington’s staff as lieutenant-colonel in March 1777 and served under General Washington for four years until Hamilton used a slight reprimand as a pretext for resignation from his staff position (“Alexander Hamilton”). Nonetheless, Hamilton ultimately led a light infantry battalion to an action which caused the British army to surrender at Yorktown thus ending the British mission of reclaiming the American colonies (“Alexander Hamilton”). In July 1782, Hamilton was elected as a member on the Continental Congress to represent New York; however, he resigned from the post in 1783 and opened a law office in New York City (“Alexander Hamilton”). Hamilton, an advocate of a strong central government, proved to be a prominent critic of the Articles of Confederation (Ball xxxix). In 1787, he attended the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia as a delegate for New York (xxxix). Although Hamilton viewed the Constitution as lacking in terms of the strength it invested in the national government, he fiercely advocated its implementation into law (xxxix). Hamilton recruited John Jay and James Madison to write a defense of the proposed Constitution, now known as The Federalist Papers (Alexander Hamilton). Of the 85 papers which ultimately composed The Federalist , Hamilton wrote 51 (Ball xxxix). After the ratification of the Constitution, Hamilton found himself serving as Secretary of the
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Alexander Hamilton - Fahad Saleh Alexander Hamilton...

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