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Many Americans intuitively feel that the current political system favors rich elites. This feeling arises from the recognition that policy makers often pass legislation which conflicts with the interests of most Americans. However, people act largely toward their own interests, so it would be unfair to suggest that politicians arbitrarily favor one group over another. In truth, the tendency of politicians to favor rich elites over most of the public arises from the active pursuit of advantageous public policy by private corporations juxtaposed with the easily manipulated and sometimes blind pursuit of
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Unformatted text preview: reform by most Americans. While American democracy does possess an inherent bias, that bias actually favors the middle class since the middle class outnumbers elites in terms of population and in a democracy, the majority may vote themselves anything they wish. Many Americans may face adverse public policy, but their problem cannot be attributed to an inherently tilted system; in reality, their problem stems from their own tendency to vote themselves a situation that favors others....
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