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Form And Structure in Art

Form And Structure in Art - Childe Hassam's Boston Common...

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Childe Hassam’s Boston Common at Twilight (Sayre A World of Art fig.234, p. 172) and Claude Monet’s The Railroad Bridge (Sayre A World of Art fig. 264, p.193) are two examples of linear perspective. Hassam tricks the eye into seeing depth by aligning a parallel pattern of trees and buildings toward a vanishing point. The painting gives the appearance as if you could walk straight down the street into the setting sun. The absence of objects along at the bottom of the snow covered ground in the painting portrays an illusion of space that makes the park appear to be never ending. Snow covered trees, footprints in the snow, and windowsills display less detail and get smaller in size as they vanish into the distance. Like Hassam’s work, Monet’s the railroad Bridge, displays a transition of light illuminating from a setting sun to create the illusion of distance. The distance between the columns gets closer together and the height lessens to give the appearance of depth to the bridge. The painting also aligns objects toward a
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