Blood Vessel Worksheet - VSC 400B/500B Animal Anatomy &...

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Cardiovascular: Blood Vessels Section A Definitions:  Define the following terms Aneurysm Aortography Claudication Occlusion Orthostatic hypotension Phlebitis Thrombophlebitis
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White coat hypertension Section B Matching:  Match the following terms and definitions Pressure generated by the pulping of the heart; pushes  fluids out of capillaries 1  net filtration pressure Pressure created by proteins present in the interstitial  fluid; pulls fluid out of capillaries 2  blood hydrostatic pressure Balance of pressure; determines whether blood volume  and interstitial fluid remain steady or change 3  interstitial fluid hydrostatic  pressure Force due to presence of plasma proteins; pulls fluid into  capillaries from interstitial spaces 4  blood colloid osmotic  pressure Pressure due to fluid in interstitial spaces; pushes fluid  back into capillaries
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Blood Vessel Worksheet - VSC 400B/500B Animal Anatomy &...

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