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Charles Searle’s Filas for Sale (Sayre, A world of Art, Fig 194 P. 142) is an example of cultural story telling in art. The painting is Searle’s interpretation of the Nigerian marketplace that was inspired by his visits to Nigeria, Ghana, and Morocco in 1972. Searle depicted the marketplace as an energetic, busy, crowded and confused arena. His distinct use of color and pattern helps the viewer imagine the chaos exhibited during exchanges in the marketplace. The art work was painted on a 72 X 50 inch canvas using acrylic paints. The Acrylic paints used provide the bright and vibrant colors that create the enthusiasm within the art work. The contour lines of the objects are bold and colorful. The lines are intermingled with one another and make one continuous line that joins all the objects in the painting together. The confusion of the lines and how they accent the colors suggest movement. There are six geometrically shaped human like figures. One of the figures is carrying a
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