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Psychology 491/691 Major Assignment 3 Spring, 2004 Assigned: 2/20/04 Professor Dunning Due: 5/26/04 GROUP EXPERIMENT ASSIGNMENT Final Report Due May 21, 2004 Mission: To conduct an experiment testing a social psychological idea/theory/hypothesis. To go boldly where no one has gone before. Basic Framework: The experiment you run should be “simple.” No more than two (in a few cases three or four) major experimental groups. Of course, you may incorporate other factors in your design (e.g., you could note whether gender makes a difference), but you should focus on only one factor and two groups. We expect that you will run approximately 10 subjects per group member. We may raise or lower that requirement depending on how difficult the study is to run. For example, if you only hand out surveys, we expect you to run many more subjects. The topic of your research is on the ability of people to know how well they are performing. Refer to the Kruger and Dunning Unskilled and Unaware of It paper, and come up with some
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