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Name _________________________ LS4 Midterm 2- Spring 2005 Circle TA name: David Dee Devon Emily Jennifer Kerry Lindsey Nancy Rosemarie Instructions: 1. Before you start, count your pages. The exam should have seven pages including this one. Write your name on each page. 2. Use a black or blue pen. If we cannot read your answer, you will not receive credit. 3 . Show all work! Full and partial credit will only be given for complete answers including calculations. 4. All books, notes and cell phones must be put in zipped backpacks. 5. For all questions, you can assume complete penetrance and expressivity. MC. 30 pts ______ 1. 12 pts ______ 2. 10 pts ______ 3. 12 pts ______ 4. 12 pts ______ Score:__________ 5. 10 pts ______ 6. 14 pts ______ total 100 ______
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Multiple choice problems (5 pts each); pick the single best answer for each question. A test-cross using a female heterozyous for three autosomal genes - A, B and C - resulted in parental class progeny of phenotype aBc and AbC. Double recombinant class progeny had phenotypes ABc and abC. Which of the following genotypes represents the chromosome pair of the heterozygous parent? a. Cab/cAB b CaB/cAb c. CAb/caB d. Bca/bCA e. BCa/bcA f. BcA/bCa A plant of genotype RS/rs is allowed to self-fertilize. If the genes are separated by 20 map units, what fraction of the progeny will have the Rs phenotype? a. 1% b. 4% c. 5% d. 8% e. 9% f. 10% Hairy knuckles are caused by an X-linked recessive gene. If 96% of woman do not have hairy knuckles, what fraction of the total population is hairy knuckled? a. 4%
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exam_2_key_may_9_05 - Name _ LS4 Midterm 2- Spring 2005...

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