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ART AND MEANING - Andy Warhol's Race Riot(Sayre A world of...

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Andy Warhol’s Race Riot (Sayre, A world of Art, p. 22) is a good example of social and cultural story telling in art. The figure depicts the events of the civil right movement in American history. The United States flag is among the nation's most recognized and used symbols. Warhol uses the colors red, white and blue to depict an American flag, which ironically represents the freedoms and rights guaranteed in the United States constitution- freedoms that were taken away from African Americans. Warhol's piece shows civil rights demonstrators being attacked by dogs held by police officers. Two of the four panels are colored bright red. The color red is usually associated with blood, and emotions that stir the blood, are usually anger, passion, and love. The civil rights movement was an era in American History that stirred all those emotions. African Americans were angry with the mistreatment of their people. People became passionate and demonstrations and riots occurred. An example of a universal story is depicted in Matthias Grunewald’s central panel of the
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