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midterm checklist - Midterm Checklist Classics 40 Spring...

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Midterm Checklist Classics 40 Spring 2008 Hello. Here is an update on the midterm. You are responsible for anything said in lecture and in TA sections (but only information that all TAs discussed in section) as well as the films, power point presentations, the textbook. Know especially key characters (human and divine) and the stories associated with them. Also, pay attention to what I said about the relationship between Greek religious beliefs / practices and Greek myths. The midterm will be a scantron test of 50 questions (mostly multiple choice but there may be a few true / false questions). Bring a green scantron. What follows is not an exhaustive list, but it contains key characters and stories that you should begin with in preparing for the midterm. On the web site (http://eres.library.ucsb.edu) there is also a genealogical chart, a Greek gods list, and a heroes checklist. Nature of Myth What are Myth, Saga or Legend, & Folktale? Myths primarily concerned with gods & humankind’s relations with them Saga or legend pertains to human heroes who have a connection with historical reality; Folktale or fable fantastic elements/ commoners and animals; no historical reality Epic of Gilgamesh (There is a Gilgamesh checklist on the eres web site.) Background to Greek Mythology : Sources: Linear B tablets, Homer = c. 750-700 , Hesiod c. 700 , Homeric Hymns, Greek tragedians: (Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides)
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Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890) – laid foundations of modern archaeological work in Mycenaean world, especially Troy. Time frame for Greek history: Late Bronze Age (also called the Mycenaean Age) = c. 1600-1150 BC, Dark Age = 1150-800 BC, Archaic Age = 750-500 BC, Classical Age = c. 500-323 BC Remember most myths are set in the Greek Bronze Age between 1300 and 1150 BC Origin of the Universe and Gods : Chaos, Gaea = mother earth, Tartarus, Eros. Chaos then gives birth to night and darkness who in turn give birth to day and aether (upper air) 1 st Dynasty of Gods : Offspring of Gaea: Ouranus, Sea (Pontus), Mountains Offspring of Queen Gaea and King Ouranos: 12 Titans, 3
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midterm checklist - Midterm Checklist Classics 40 Spring...

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