heroes - Io and Perseus Who is Io Which divinity was her...

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Io and Perseus Who is Io? Which divinity was her lover? Why was she turned into a heifer (cow)? Whom did Hera put to guard her? Who killed Argus? Who next tormented Io in her travels from Greece to Egypt in the form of a cow? What was the name of her child born in Egypt? Who are Belus and Agenor (see chart in reader)? Are they descendants of Io? Danaus and Aegyptus are the children of Belus in Egypt. Danaus and Aegyptus were kings of Egypt: Danaus on the west bank of the Nile and Aegyptus on the east bank of the Nile. They will return to Argos with their daughters and sons, respectively. What happens to the daughters of Danaus and the sons of Aegyptus in Argos? Agenor’s children are Europa, Cadmus, and several other sons. Zeus in the shape of a bull will carry Europa away to Crete. Agenor sends Cadmus and his other brothers to look for her. Not finding her, Cadmus will found the city of Thebes. His daughter Semele will give birth to Dinysus. Is Perseus a direct descendant of Io? Who is his grandfather? What is the prophecy that was told to Acrisius about a future son that his daughter would have? What did he do to his daugher to prevent her from getting pregnant? Who was the father? How did he manage to get the girl pregnant? What did the grandfather do when he found out that she was pregnant? Who are Acrisius, Danae, Dictys, Polydectes? How does Perseus get involved in his quest to cut off the head of Medusa? What is Polydectes’ role in this? Who gives Perseus his shield? Who gives Perseus the scimitar/sword to kill the Medusa by cutting off her head. Perseus must go first to the Graeae. Who are they? What do they look like?
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heroes - Io and Perseus Who is Io Which divinity was her...

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