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PROBLEM 8.1 KNOWN/FIND: Define and discuss the significance of: a) temperature scale b) temperature standards c) fixed points d) interpolation SOLUTION: a) temperature scale - an established relationship for assigning numerical values to measures of temperature. The absolute temperature scales are: the Rankine scale, for U.S. customary units the Kelvin scale, for SI units b) temperature standards - a formally adopted and recognized means for practical realization of temperature measurement. Standards provide a means for the measurement of temperature which can be reproduced and agrees with the thermodynamic definition of temperature. c) fixed points - identifiable and experimentally reproducible conditions which are associated with a certain temperature (numerical value). See Table 8.1. d) interpolation - a method for determining temperatures other than those defined by fixed points on a temperature scale. For the majority of applications, the interpolating instrument is a platinum RTD.
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