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Assignment1_1 - ME 3533 Thermodynamics Assignment#1.1...

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ME 3533: Thermodynamics Assignment #1.1: General Introduction I. Familiarization Tasks 1. E-mail: this is the most convenient means for communicating essential/urgent information to the class. Check your e-mails daily. Test e-mail will be sent out on 01/9/08. Print out the message and turn your printed copy in with the rest of this assignment . 2. Departmental Course Page: the departmental course page can be accessed by going to the following page: www.me.msstate.edu/curriculum.html Click on Online Class Directories…… Type student for User Name and click OK. Choose the course number [ME3533] to access the page for Baby Thermo. Essential information will be posted on the ME 3533 page from time to time. Bookmark the page for quick access in future. Look up the page daily in case there is new information posted and Download files from the page as necessary. Download the spring 2008 Course Schedule file [me3533_spr2008_sch.doc]. Print out the second page that includes Important Notice/Reminder and turn it in with the rest of
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