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ME 3533 : Thermodynamics Assignment #1.2 : Applications and Basic Modeling Due date: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 Review Exercises/Group Activities on Section 1.2 1. Choose a major area of thermodynamic application (such as Steam Power Plants, Gasoline Engines, Diesel Engines, Hybrid Engines, Fuel Cells, Refrigeration Devices, Solar Power Generating Devices, Gas Turbines, Air Conditioners, Combustion Engines, etc) for this assignment. Surf the internet, and locate web sites which provide the following kinds of information about your chosen application: How the system works. History of the development of the application. Pattern and efficiency of energy usage. Energy cost (especially energy usage). Try reducing energy cost to ¢ per kWh. Impact on the environment. The future of the application. Furnish a report of your findings to include the following: 1.1 Brief technical description of the system 1.2 Web page addresses that you located (with brief comments on what each web page contains)
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Assignment1_2 - ME 3533 Thermodynamics Assignment#1.2...

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