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Test 2 Notes Plant Reproduction

Test 2 Notes Plant Reproduction - Wind pollinated(not...

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Principles of Biology II: Leege Plant Reproduction I. Reproduction in Angiosperms A. Flowers: function to attract pollinators to move gametes 1. Why move pollen to different flower if both male and female parts are present? a. Outcrossing vs. selfing b. Advantages of targeted pollen transfer? 2. Pollination Syndromes ( Click here for a great website on pollination syndromes)
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Unformatted text preview: Wind pollinated (not pretty flowers) Bee (yellow flowers) Butterfly Moth Bird (red flowers) Bat B. Fruit: function to disperse seeds Mature ovary that develops around a seed Any plant structure with seeds inside is a fruit Dispersal C. What is a seed? Mature ovule with Embryo Endosperm Seed coat from outer layers of ovule...
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