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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Anonymous Introduction Medieval English alliterative verse poem, poet unknown Follows basic Old English metric patterns and principles circa 1350-1400 AD in England bob and wheel stanzas: “t he bobs and wheels in  Sir Gawain and the Green  Knight  help to spin the plot and narrative together in intricate ways. They  provide commentaries on what has just happened, create or fulfill moments of  suspense, and serve as transitions to the next scene or idea.”--Sparknotes Romance Genre tales about knights and ladies incorporating courtly love themes
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Unformatted text preview: • popular literary genre in fourteenth-century literature • tales of knights rescuing maidens, embarking on quests, and forming bonds with other knights and rulers (kings and queens). • romances about King Arthur, his queen, Guinevere, and his society of “knights of the round table” were very popular in England Medieval Romance/Folklore common plotlines: • beheading game • exchange of winnings • hero’s temptation: “ tests of the hero’s honesty, loyalty, and chastity” Major characters Sir Gawain (Knight at Camelot) The Green Knight The host The lady...
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