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Pre-Lab Quiz 7 - d inductance e capacitance Question 3 What...

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http://chemmac1.usc.edu/cttccgi/randquiz.cgi 1 of 2 Web Quiz You can login to this page multiple times but you cannot take the quiz more than once.. Submit your answer for grading by Clicking on the "Grade Answers" button at the bottom of the page only when you are sure of your answers. Question # 1 In 105a, the concentration of acetic acid in vinegar was determined by titrating a known volume of the vinegar solution with a solution of 0.500 M NaOH. Identify the solution known as the titrant. a. the vinegar b. the sodium hydroxide c. the burette d. the erlenmyer flask e. phenolphthalein Question # 2 The origin of the word "potentionmetric" is most closely related to which of these electrical terms. a. current b. voltage c. resistance
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Unformatted text preview: d. inductance e. capacitance Question # 3 What is an aliquot? a. a burette b. a graduated cylinder c. the name of an lake in upstate New York http://chemmac1.usc.edu/cttccgi/randquiz.cgi 2 of 2 d. a portion of the total amount of a solution e. the portion of the analyte that is discarded prior to analysis Question # 4 Referring to the figure on page 57 of the lab manual showing the potentiometric titration of a triprotic acid with a strong base, if a few drops of the indicator phenolphthalein had been intitially added to the analyte prior to the titration, how many times would you observe a color transition from colorless to pink? a. never b. once c. twice d. three times e. four times Grade Answers...
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Pre-Lab Quiz 7 - d inductance e capacitance Question 3 What...

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