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Web Quiz 13

Web Quiz 13 -...

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Unformatted text preview: http:1lchemmac1.usc.edulcgl—bin/randquiz.cgi 4/24/08 2:43 PM Web Quiz You can login to this page multiple times but you cannot take the quiz more than once.. Submit your answer for grading by Clicking on the "Grade Answers" button at the bottom of the page only when you are sure of your answers. Question # 1 Which of the following is the symbol for a beta particle? Question # 2 The half-life of 45Cat is 165 days. After 1.0 year, What percentage of the original sample of 45Ca remains? ‘ B. 2.93 percent J C. 21.6 percent 0 D. 10.9 percent O E. 2.16 percent Question # 3 Which of the following is the symbol for a positron? (9A.?e 0B,?e 00p DDEIn C) E. 3H6 Question # 4 The nuclide iron-56 has a mass defect of 0.52840 amu. What is the binding energy per nucleon in MeV? oAanwWMw B. 8.81 MeV Page 1 of 3 http:/lchemmacluscedulcgl—bin/randquiz.cgi 4/24108 2:43 PM E) B. 8.81 MeV C.‘ C494 MeV :12 D. 8.81 x103 MeV Question # 5 What is the product of beta decay of Igng? C) A. 159Gd 64 C) B. 1558m 62 T} C. 159Eu ‘ 63 . 15 O D' 6g“) Question # 6 Which equation represents alpha emission from 196Po? :2. AI Illfll’lw‘éflr —b 2:“ERn 1:) 3’ "film —1 332M +‘5Hc I 'l . G) C’ "film —:- 'jél‘h +‘éHc f". D film—gnu—r "fil'h Question # 7 Complete and balance the following nuclear equation by selecting the missing particle. 252Cf+1UB—>3 111+? 98 5 Cl C‘- A. eaaNp 93 r" B_ 241 ._. E.aNp - 253 O C. 1EI3Lr C"? D. EB'Ll" ' 103 Question # 8 The amount of fissionable material large enough to maintain the chain reaction in nuclear fission is called the C) A. nuclear binding energy. (E) B. critical mass. C) C. supercritical mass. ’3' D. moderator. E. mass defect. Page 2 of3 http’fllchemmac1.usc.edulcgl—bin/randquiz.cgi 4/24108 2:43 PM C? E. mass defect. Question # 9 Of the following processes, which one does not change the atomic number? C." A. alpha emission 2:." B. beta emission C? C. electron capture 2, D. gamma emission :7 E. positron emission Question # 10 What is the mass change that accompanies the loss of 1367 k], the heat released when one mol of ethanol or grain alcohol undergoes combustion? C? A. 4.557x 10-3 kg B. 1.519x10-11 kg "3- C. 1.519x10'14kg ‘: :- D. 1.230 x1023 kg Grade Answers 7“ Page 3 of3 ...
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Web Quiz 13 -...

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