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In The Future of Recorded Music Due to Illegal Downloading , Savrock believes that illegal downloading will continue to harm the music industry. Unless of course there are new laws that catch more of illegal downloaders and institute a fine so that no lengthy court case need to ensue. Savrock suggest that each person caught downloading music illegally be fined $1500. A fine is also easier and more efficient to cite a person with then a criminal court case; with the implementation of a fine the number of illegal downloaders that are caught will rise dramatically. It is clear that Savrock was correct in his paper. The music industry will continue to lose billions of dollars due to illegal downloading and declining CD sales (Krasilovsky, 5). The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reports that CD sales and general profits have been steadily decreasing since the late 1990s. All of these factors together could cause a huge drawback in the number of artists on the market, or eradicate the industry all together. Savrock lays down clear and concise ideas
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