03-28-08 - Gene ExpressionCo-Linearity-transcription= gene...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-28-08Gene ExpressionCo-Linearity-transcription= gene expression-co-linearity= concept that if you have a piece of DNA – there is a co-linear correspondent to the coding of the DNAothere is a 1 to 1 pattern between the DNA and the proteinoif it’s co-linear – it means that if it’s on the left side of the DNA – it’ll be on the left side of the proteinoproven by Benzer & Sewell ChampeCorrespondence-there is an RNA transcript that is made from the DNA-this transcript has a 1 to 1 correspondence with the DNA also-this does not necessarily have to be trueonot collinear if the DNA is zigzag side to side and RNA zigzag up and down-19,000 codings but 2,000,000 proteinsotherefore a simple co0linearity between DNA and protein cannot be oto get this ratio – you have to look for RNA processing & RNA combinatorials (does not actually exist yet)RNA-RNA Polymerase:odifferent than DNA polymeraseocan be assay with the same assay as DNA polymerase howeverocan use TCA ocan use rNTP’s instead of dNTP’s as your precursor monomeroDifferenceDNA that is going to be the template requires a primer with a 3’ OH RNA can NOTstart on a single strand•template for RNA polymerase has to be a non-nicked double strand DNA template a sealed supercoil (can be relaxed)owill always start at an initiation point with a pppG or a pppA (triphosphate)-mRNA oin eukaryotes only – will have a polyA tail that ends in a 3’ OHo5’pppG----------------------AAAAAOH3’(this is RNA)oin prokaryotes:will start at a TATA box Fingerprinting-RNase Ti Gp-Pancreatic RNase UP, CP-Gel – run with T1o“A” is the 5’ pppG end...
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03-28-08 - Gene ExpressionCo-Linearity-transcription= gene...

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