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1 Fear Tactics & Persuasion Short lecture Film demonstrating fear tactics Post-film discussion Successful persuasion often depends on appealing to our _________ more than our reason The __________ does not have to be positive – Charitable foundations use guilt – Advertisers use insecurity (e.g., body odor, bad breath) Fear tactics Insecurity or anxiety-driven ads are an example of “fear tactics” Scaring people into doing what you want them to do can be extremely effective Parents, teachers, and preachers alike appear to THINK they work But only when you provide a __________ Fear tactics model You can sketch it in here, but the main point is that you need to provide a solution in order to be persuasive. What happens if you don’t provide a solution? ______________________ Political Ads & Fear Tactics Lyndon Johnson vs. Barry Goldwater – LBJ ad showed a little girl in a flower garden – A countdown began, ending with nuclear blast The message? Goldwater was a warmonger The ad played only once, never mentioned Goldwater’s name, but was extremely effective because it played on people’s fears of a nuclear holocaust A solution was provided (vote for Johnson) Willie Horton
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2 When Michael Dukakis ran against George Bush (Sr.), he was the victim of scare tactics Bush claimed his opponent was “soft on crime” because Willie Horton was paroled (and subsequently raped again) The ad also played to racist attitudes because Willie was Black
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lecture11f06 - 1 Fear Tactics & Persuasion Short...

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