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1 Media Effects on Attitudes Media Effects In the Information Age, media is a powerful tool for influencing attitudes Some of my research explores its impact – Romantic fantasies study – Rap music experiment Today we’ll be talking about advertising and sex Advertising & Sex Advertising is often based on sex appeal The message is that if you buy the product, you will be more popular For women and men alike, this often means with the opposite sex Advertising and Women • In particular, women are often used as __________________ in ads Scantily clad Decorative in function Seen but not heard Often “cloned” • These ads successfully sell all kinds of products Question But beyond selling the product, can these ads influence the way we think about women? – The “beer commercial” study (Rudman & Borgida, 1995) Legal Background Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, women can sue for sex discrimination The courts have decreed __________________ is a form of sex discrimination And that “hostile work environment” is a form of sexual harassment The blue collar “blues” Women who work in blue collar industries often cope with hostile work environments Pin-ups, graffiti, tools shaped into phallic symbols (hostile = ___________) The message? “Women not wanted here”
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2 Legal context for research • Two cases prominent in Minnesota in 1990’s • Eveleth Mining Company First _______ _________sexual harassment lawsuit filed in U.S. • Stroh Brewing Company Female employees saw a link between the company’s use of sexist advertising and their hostile environment • Videotaped introduction: MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour clip Social Psychology and the Law As the tape shows, women in hostile environments suffer discrimination My co-author was an expert witness in the Eveleth Mining lawsuit The judge asked if there was scientific evidence that hostile work environments promote sexist ___________ in men The judge was asking: Does priming men to view women as sexual objects impact on their behavior? Or is it relatively harmless? At the time, there was no research on the ______________ effects of priming So it was up to us to test this idea How to prime men?
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lecture9f06 - 1 Media Effects on Attitudes Media Effects In...

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