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Fall2007ProblemSet4WITHOUTANSWERS - 58 The reference...

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58. The reference compound for naming D and L isomers of sugars is: A) fructose. B) glucose. C) glyceraldehyde. D) ribose. E) sucrose. 59. When two carbohydrates are epimers: 60. Which of following is an anomeric pair? 61. When the linear form of glucose cyclizes, the product is a(n): 62. From the abbreviated name of the compound Gal( β 1 4)Glc, we know that: A) C-4 of glucose is joined to C-1 of galactose by a glycosidic bond. B) the compound is a D-enantiomer. C) the galactose residue is at the reducing end. D) the glucose is in its pyranose form. E) the glucose residue is the β anomer.
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