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Chapter Review 9+10 Test 5 1) Define: a) Agility b) Balance c) Power d) Speed 2) Speed and force (strength) are two components of what? 3) What does a one foot test measure? 4) The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women should what in regards to exercise 5) What is the principle of specificity? (hint: pg. 290) 6) What is coordination? 7) What should people do for exercise if they are diabetic? 8) Should you exercise if you have a fever? Cold? 9) What is RICE? 10) What is the best treatment for exercise related injuries? 11) When should running shoes be replaced? 12) What condition should you be careful of when exercing in hot, humid heather? What condition would you be considered with if your clothes were wet and you were running in the cold? 13) The most common exercise related injury results from what types of activities?
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Unformatted text preview: 14) What is the main goal for fitness programs for older adults? 15) What is positive stress called? 16) What is stress? Stressor? 17) Yoga exercises include a combination of what? (hint pg 342) 18) How people perceive and cope with stress seems to be more important the development of disease than the amount and type of stress itself? TRUE OR FALSE? 19) What is main value of exercise in reducing stress? 20) Define flight or fight. 21) What is Homeostasis? 22) What is progressive muscle relaxation? 23) What is essential in coping effectively to stressful situations? 24) What is the tool (used in this book) to assess sources of stress in life? 25) What happens in the Alarm stage of the general adaptation syndrome?...
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