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The figure in “Atlas” Slave , by Michelangelo (Sayre A World of Art , fig 368, pg.277) is an example of sculpture; a three dimensional work of art. Michelangelo used marble stone in the subtractive process known as carving. The figure in the sculpture becomes one with the boulder it appears to be holding. I think Michelangelo’s use of marble contributed to the strength of the sculpture. I could imagine the massive amount of weight the boulder being carried by the figure is placing upon his shoulders. The rock is so heavy that it ultimately takes over and becomes one with the man itself. I feel that Michelangelo used the perfect process for the sculpture. Not only does the marble contribute to the overall feeling of weight; the texture of the smooth surface of figures compared to the jagged surface of the stone it’s being enslaved by, allows the viewer to imagine the objects as two separate items. The
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