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C101ANN4F2007 - CHEMISTRY 101/111 University at Buffalo...

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CHEMISTRY 101/111 University at Buffalo Fall Semester 2007 Announcement Sheet 4 Exam 2 in Chemistry 101/111 will be given Friday, November 9, 2007 starting at 6:00pm. For this examination students must report to the room listed below according to their recitation instructor. Handicapped students who have been assigned to rooms which are inaccessible to them or who need other special arrangements should contact Mrs. Clarke in Nat. Sci. 266 three (3) days prior to the examination for an alternate arrangement. Exam 2 will cover Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 10.1 through 10.6 in the 10 th Edition of the textbook " Chemistry, The Central Science ” by Brown, LeMay & Bursten. For this examination students must: 1) Know the name of their recitation instructor and section code for recitation. 2) Know their Person Number 3) Bring at least three (3) sharp No. 2 pencils with eraser to the examination. 4) Bring a simple scientific calculator with logarithm and exponential capability with fresh batteries.
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