English Lesson One - Exercise 7-4 1 Noun 2 Verb 3...

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-1Exercise 7-4 1. Noun 2. Verb 3. Preposition 4. Pronoun 5. Noun 6. Conjunction 7. Adverb 8. Preposition 9. Conjunction 10. Adjective 11. Verb 12. Adjective 13. Adjective 14. Adverb 15. Preposition 16. Noun 17. Preposition 18. Found 19. Conjunction 20. Verb 21. Adjective 22. Adverb 23. Adverb 24. Noun 25. Adjective Exercise 12-2 1. Telephone companies always need to build more towers to fulfill the increasing demand for cell phone service. 2. Correct 3. One telecommunications analyst predicts that the number of cell phone towers will triple over five years, because cell phone use has expanded rapidly. 4. To disguise the ugly structures, companies have built the towers inside tall structures such as flagpoles, silos, water towers, and even smokestacks. 5. The best hiding places are church steeples, which are often the tallest structures in a community. 6. While the equipment that runs the towers usually fits out of sight in the church basement, the tall antenna is concealed inside the steeple.
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English Lesson One - Exercise 7-4 1 Noun 2 Verb 3...

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