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-1 Lesson 6 Chapter 11 How does education relate to immigration and assimilation? Education relates to immigration and assimilation because it allows the immigrants to further assimilate into the American society. Assimilation is achieved by adopting a country’s social norms and ways of living, and education allows this to occur faster than it normally would. Plus, the children would be seeing the real results of assimilation if they are of age to be educated when they immigrate. What is so vital about schooling? Schooling is vital to children because it allows them to be able to keep up with society and not be considered “behind” for not having an education. Going to school also teaches certain manners that wouldn’t be learned until later in life. These include interacting with groups of people and being polite even when you are mad. School also makes way for having a better paying job than you would if you did not go to school, and ultimately is better for the economy. Chapter 12
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