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psa3 - Lesson 3 Chapter 5 What did Washington think about...

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-1 Lesson 3 Chapter 5 What did Washington think about foreign policy and internal political struggle? How did he feel about the use of force by the government? Washington felt that internal political struggle should be avoided and that every state should be on one accord. Although this was not the case, because in his letter he mentioned a small group in Pennsylvania, that was somewhat treasonous. Washington mentioned that he would have military force ready to act, before the situation drew out any further. Nothing happened to that group, they were pardoned by the United States government, but the military was sent out to march, which shows that Washington was not afraid to use force by the government. He also wanted peace and justice among all nations. What were Jefferson's primary fears about the Whiskey Rebellion? What did he believe were the underlying causes? Jefferson’s primary fears about the Whiskey Rebellion are that the government no longer has control over the people, and that the country may see a civil war occur. He seems
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