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-1Chapter 14 1. Why do laws exist? What happens if someone violates the law? What if the law is not fair or just? Who makes the law? Laws exist as a set of rules and regulations to be used as guidelines for maintaining order within a society. If someone violates the law, consequences must be acted upon by a law enforcement department. Without proper and just law enforcement, laws would never be upheld and the world would be in chaos. If a law is not fair, or just, it can be repealed and done away with after being proved of its unfairness. National laws are made in Congress, which is part of the legislative branch and is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Lesson 6 1. Presuming that national health insurance is off the table in the United States, what else could be done to protect the uninsured population from catastrophic medical costs? If national health insurance was off the table in the United States, other measures could be taken to protect
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