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-1 The Industrial Revolution brought forth a lot of change in the way that many
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Americans live their lives including ways that are still seen in today’s society. The biggest example of this is urbanization which is the move from rural, country areas to larger cities. This move was spurred by the wide array of job opportunities created by the cities and the closely surrounding areas of the cities. A thing overlooked when people just pick up their things and move, is the feelings of their children or the consideration of that specific area that they are being moved to. The area may hold a great job but be a terrible place to try to raise a productive young adult. This problem brings the conclusion that it is better to live in a urban, inner-city environment compared to a suburban, or rural area. Contrary to many beliefs suburban or rural areas could be more damaging to the well being of raising children, especially teenagers. The teenagers in suburban and rural areas have a lot of free time as compared with teens that live in inner-cities. Many parents seem to think that involving their young
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english exemplification essay.wps - The Industrial...

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