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-1 Lesson 8 Chapter 15 Is this document something you would only find in an urban society? No this document is not something you would only find in an urban society. The contents of the document goes into detail about the Sanitary Commissions purpose and ways that they reach out to the soldiers in ways that should be necessary for people not in the war. Even in rural societies, people could help the war effort by aiding the soldiers that come through, or are stationed in their town. What does this document say about America's development as a society? This document says that America’s development as a society is great and very humane. In the document, nationality and pride of the country is referred to, which are two great things that are almost necessary to have in order to want to win a war. The war efforts among the citizens show that they are in it together and greatly helps the spirit of the soldiers that may be fearful of the war. Chapter 16
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  • Spring '08
  • Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Southern United States, Confederate States of America, Confederate government, ideological causes

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