Types of Instruments

Types of Instruments - 8-31-07 Types of Instruments o...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-31-07 Types of Instruments o Soloists- people who are playing out in front (specifically wind and brass) o Accompaniment (rhythm section)- job is to provide harmony- percussion and bass Wind instruments- any instruments you blow into to create sound- trumpets, saxes, etc.divides into brass and reeds o Brass instruments- played with cup-shaped mouthpiece Types o Trumpet (cylindrical bore) Musicians o Louis Armstrong, "West End Blues" 1928 o Dizzy Gillespie, "A Night in Tunisia"- 1940s (one of the founders of modern jazz- bebop) o Miles Davis, "So What" Types o Cornet (semi-conical bore) o Flugelhorn (fully conical bore) o Trombone Slide for bending pitches Types o Valve trombone o Tuba Mutes- change timbre o Cup mute- trumpet o "Harmon" mute- Miles Davis o Plunger mute- Cootie Williams, in Duke Ellington, "New East St. Louis Toodle-Oo" o Reed instruments Types o Clarinet Early Jazz Clarinet- Johnny Dodds, "Hotter Than That" 1926 Swing Era Clarinet- Artie Shaw, "Star Dust" 1940 o Bass clarinet- avant-garde period- Eric Dolphy, "Hat and Beard" 1960s o Saxophone Designed specifically for the orchestra in the 19th century Invented by Adolph Sax (Belgium 1840s) Reed instrument made of brass Family of instruments (choir) Popularized in U.S. 1920s Vaudeville, dance bands (Brown Brothers) Tenor sax- Coleman Hawkins (father of tenor sax) "Lola" 1929, "Star Dust" 1945- John Coltrane, "So What" 1959 Alto sax- Johnny Hodges, " I Got it Bad (and that Ain't Good)"- Charlie Parker, "Now's the Time" Baritone sax- Gerry Mulligan, "Walkin' Shoes" Soprano sax- John Coltrane "Impressions" Bass sax- Adrian Rollini- James Carter, "Nuages" ...
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Types of Instruments - 8-31-07 Types of Instruments o...

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